Monday, November 19, 2012

Trap, Neuter. . .Return
October is the month that cat lovers around the country celebrate National Feral Cat Day.  Alley Cat Allies is an organization that helps to honor feral cats year round, by advocating Trap Neuter Return as a method of reducing feral cat populations.  Pampered Whiskers likes to help in the efforts not just by donating money, but taking the time to do our part and taking stray cats in to be spayed and neutered.  This year, it was a bit more difficult to find a cat to take in.  It seems that the efforts of our neighbors has paid off.  We used to have a block filled with stray cats, and now we are down to just a few.  It was an effort to find a cat who had not yet been fixed.  As fate would have it, a likely candidate appeared on our doorstep  a few weeks ago.  This kitty was different from the rest in that instead of running away, he would try to run into the house when I opened the front door. Two weeks ago, I took him in to be neutered.  Little did I realize, after his one week recuperation from surgery that my husband and I had taken on a new family member.  Sometimes the best things aren't planned. . .or even what we think we want. . but they are a gift from above.  So, his name is SOX.  Our new family member, our little ray of sunshine.  Four kitties, no problem.  We were once a die hard two kitty household.  Maybe all rules are meant to be broken, but for now. . .4 cats is the absolute limit!  Meet Dodger (below) who broke a leg and landed a place in our die hard 2 cat household, and Sox who challenged us to add just one more!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday, October 4, 2009

That Cat! Originals boxed note card sets benefiting animal rescue

That Cat! Originals boxed note card sets are the latest in a series of products by Pampered Whiskers designed to benefit animals who are not as fortunate as our own. $1 from each box is donated to a handful of animal rescue organizations.

Packaged in That Cat! Originals signature box, these note cards make it easy for you to send a smile to someone you know while benefiting animals who are not as fortunate as your own. That Cat! Originals note card set includes twelve to twenty four (3.5" x 4.5") blank note cards and matching envelopes.

Send someone you love a box of smiles today and lend a hand to animal rescue!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Houston Cats wearing hats for a cause

Recently, three cats (and two dogs!) traveled through Ireland wearing hats to raise money for animal shelters. Pampered Whiskers captured this phenomenon on film and released pictures in a 2010 wall calendar called Pampered Whiskers Emerald Isle Adventure. This 9x12" limited edition calendar chronicles their adventures as they travel through Ireland.

Pampered Whiskers Emerald Isle Adventure calendar is dedicated to helping animals who are not as fortunate as our own.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit a handful of animal shelters and rescue organizations who are working to stop the growth of the homeless and neglected animal community. Visit today and lend a hand to Animal Rescue!

About Pampered Whiskers
Founded in March of 2007 by Carolyn Cooling, Pampered Whiskers is a Houston based business dedicated to raising money to help stop the growth of the homeless and neglected animal community.  Pampered Whiskers raises money for animal rescue groups via online sales of pet collars and hats as well as gifts for animal lovers.

For more information on Pampered Whiskers, visit or contact Carolyn Cooling at 713-377-3869 or e-mail